Monday, December 23, 2013

News: Read-Along of Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings

For the first bit of 2014, I'm excited to be joining 9 other bloggers in hosting a read-along of Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings! The conclusion of the read-along will nearly coincide with the release of the next book in the Stormlight Archive series, Words of Radiance, which comes out on March 4th.

There's even going to be a giveaway of some copies of both books (see Dab of Darkness for upcoming details), thanks to the generosity of the publisher, Tor.

If you're interested in joining the read-along, just let me or any of the other bloggers on the schedule below know, and you'll be included in the weekly emails of discussion questions.

I've never read anything by Sanderson before, despite hearing his name quite often.  I've been meaning to read his conclusion to Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series (the rest of which I read years ago), but haven't managed to get around to it yet. I'm looking forward to enjoying the first book of this new series, which I have heard many good things about!

Here is the schedule:

Prelude to Chapter 6 (96 pages), Jan. 1 Dab of Darkness
Chapter 7 – Chapter 13 (91 pages), Jan. 8 Over the Effing Rainbow
Chapter 14 – Chapter 19 (106 pages), Jan. 15 Lynn’s Book Blog
Chapter 20 – Chapter 27 (96 pages), Jan. 22 Lunar Rainbows
Chapter 28 – Chapter 32 (93 pages), Jan. 29 Tethyan Books
Chapter 33 – Chapter 42 (102 pages), Feb. 5 There Were Books Involved
Chapter 43 – Chapter 50  (90 pages), Feb. 12 Coffee, Cookies, & Chili Peppers
Chapter 51 – Chapter 57 (109 pages), Feb. 19
Chapter 58 – Chapter 65 (91 pages), Feb. 26 Musings on Fantasia
Chapter 66 – END (98 pages), March 5 On Starships & Dragonwings


  1. I'm it's been on my To Read list for awhile. I loved his Mistborn trilogy

    1. Great! :) Would you like me to add you to the e-mail list for discussion questions? They're emailed around a couple of days before each discussion day. If so, you can email your address to me at

  2. So ready to start this party! I started reading the first section today. This is going to be excellent!

    1. I started... and finished... the first section yesterday. It seemed to go so quickly! I didn't mean to read it so far in advance of the first discussion date! :D