Thursday, March 14, 2013

Read-Along: Part 1 of A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett

Welcome to my first post for the read-along of Terry Pratchett's A Hat Full of Sky, book 2 of the Tiffany Aching series, hosted by Little Red Reviewer and Dab of Darkness.  If anyone wants to join in, there's still time!  Though this is book 2, the first book is mostly recapped in the first chapter, so you wouldn't be far behind. 

As a quick warning, this post will contain spoilers through Chapter 3 of A Hat Full of Sky. 

What do you think of Miss Level and her housemate Oswald?  Did you guess the secret about her identity before she told Tiffany the truth? 

I have to admit I did not guess the truth about Miss Level's identity.  I assumed she had a friendly ghost or some kind of creepy, unusual familiar.  I guess I was sort of right (she does have a friendly ghost!), but wrong at the same time. I think the reveal that she had two bodies was much more interesting.  I'm wondering if Miss Level's knowledge of dealing with one mind and two bodies will help in some way with the hiver.  In other notes, I would love to have an Oswald.  It would make life so much easier! 

Why kind of witchy stuff do you think Miss Level will start teaching Tiffany?

I've been wondering about that, because there was actually not much traditional 'witchy stuff' in The Wee Free Men.  Right now I'm guessing it will be mostly hands-on stuff, like the chores she's already started.  I am wondering if Tiffany or Miss Level are going to manage to listen to bees. 

What do you think of Jeannie? Do you think she'll get in the way of the Feegle continuing to help Tiffany?

I don't think she will, in the end.  I don't think she actually dislikes Tiffany, it's just a bit weird for her to have her husband running off to rescue his ex-fiancĂ©e (though she knows that was just to follow the rules, and not a real engagement).  Also, her comment at the end of the chapter broke my heart a little.  Jeannie seems to be having some homesickness issues, and she's probably going to be sympathetic to Tiffany's situation on that account.

Have your feelings for Roland changed any?

Not really, I still think he's a pretty decent kid.  It's starting to look a little like there's romance in Tiffany and Roland's future, though, and I hope that mostly holds off in the existing series.  I think he's 15 now, and she's 11, right?  It won't matter much once they're in their twenties, but 15 and 11 is a big difference.  The present was remarkably thoughtful, though.

Which is creepier? a Hiver or a Drome?

I guess I haven't seen quite enough of the hiver to really make a decision.  All we really know is that they give people delusions of grandeur and then kill them.  At least Professor Bustle died confident in his own brilliance, right? Though who knows what he did before that--I think it was implying he killed some people. Dromes are certainly still very creepy.


  1. I was thinking that maybe Tiffany would stay away training for a while and develop feelings for Roland whilst he's not around (absence makes the heart grow fonder, etc, etc)???
    You do have to feel a little sorry for Jeannie - she's in a strange situation and trying to make her stamp. I don't think she'll be feeling as insecure now that Rob said he would stay if she asked (I suppose it shows he will put her first). I think she just wanted to have a say in the matter.
    I think we're probably all going to draw straws over who gets Roland! Perhaps we can split hauntings! I don't know - a ghost who puts things away just sounds blissful.
    Lynn :D

    1. On Oswald, I would fight for him :). I just got a robot vacuum, and I am so looking forward to my apartment being 'magically' clean when I get home from work. An ondageist would be so much better! I could see that happening with Tiffany/Roland. Maybe when she goes home, she'll be suddenly surprised that she's happy to see him!

  2. 3. I guess it must be difficult to fit Tiffany into her world view, because there are only supposed to be keldas and their single daughters, so we shouldn't judge Jeannie too harshly.

    4. I know what you mean about the age difference, but Tiffany is already an ancient soul in a young body, so perhaps it won't matter too much! :D

    1. Yeah, it must be difficult for Jeannie. I think she is coping, though, just a little more slowly than we might have liked. I hope she's a character of continuing importance!

      Haha, maybe that's true. Roland is not incredibly mature, either, so it may even out! I was just imagining being a first year high schooler, and having a crush on someone not quite even in middle school yet... it seems creepy when transported to a real life situation. At any rate, it wouldn't matter at all once they're a little older.

  3. I guess dying believing in your own brilliance isn't so bad. Does your brilliance burn others? Hivers make me shudder.

    I liked that Tiffany, coming from a working farm, didn't mind falling into helping out with the chores at Miss Level's. Though I do hope she gets better at broom riding.

    Jeannie seems very real for me because of her homesickness and I like that Pratchett built that into her character.

    1. I'm not sure, maybe that's what happened before he died? It would be cool if Tiffany could zip around on a broom, but I think she might not be quite ready after that first ride!

  4. "I'm wondering if Miss Level's knowledge of dealing with one mind and two bodies will help in some way with the hiver. "

    that is genius!! Her otherself could be like a decoy? and I'll bet even Oswald could help!

    i did love Professor Bustle's written experiences about the hiver, talk about the intersection of "things that shouldn't be joked about" and "things I find funny!"

    1. Maybe they could trap the hiver in one of her brains... I think it's an interesting idea, but I'm not sure exactly how it would work! I guess we will have to wait and see.