Thursday, March 28, 2013

Read-Along: Part 3 of A Hat Full of Sky

This read-along is of chapters 6-9 of Terry Pratchett's A Hat Full of Sky, again hosted by Dab of Darkness and Little Red Reviewer.  It looks like the second half of the Tiffany Aching series may be read as a group this fall, so there's plenty of time to catch up. Also, have a Happy Easter this weekend!

This read-along will have spoilers of the Tiffany Aching series through chapter 9 of A Hat Full of Sky.

I got a chuckle out of Tiffany's visit to ZakZak's shop, especially the bit about the different styles of witch hats. What kind of witchy goodies would YOU buy there?

It all seemed a bit too kitchsy for me. If I were a witch, I think I would probably just shop at ordinary clothing stores, and maybe get a nice pentagram necklace or something, to signify 'witch'.  As for the hat, I'd go for something sensible and small, so I wouldn't have to cut triangles in my doorframes.  When I think more about it, though, capes are pretty awesome.  I would love to buy a nice, heavy, black cape from Zakzak's for winter.  Why aren't those in fashion now? I want a cape!

Inside Tiffany's head might be the strangest place the Feegle have ever been. What did you think of Pratchett's imagery of her mind, and of her safe place?

It makes a lot of sense.  After all, she tells the land what it is, and the land tells her who she is.  I liked that she was the land, in her mind.  She wasn't hiding in her safe place.  She was her safe place!  

Poor Miss Level. Do you think she'll ever recover from what happened to her? How is this going to change her relationship with Tiffany? 

I am really surprised that Tiffany killed someone.  I know it was the hiver, but it was the hiver being Tiffany.  I think it will affect their relationship, because I don't know if Tiffany will be able to completely forgive herself for what she/the hiver did.  From Miss Level's side, it does look like she's moving toward healing, and I think she will be able to forgive Tiffany.  It's a bit clearer that Tiffany was not in control, when one is looking from the outside.  As sad as it is, Mistress Weatherwax may be right that this is the thing that finally gains Miss Level respect (two bodies is just odd, an invisible dead body is apparently witchy genius).  

In the discussion Tiffany has with Mistress Weatherwax at the end of chapter 9, Weatherwax gives Tiffany some very important information about how to be a witch. Who would you rather study with to become a witch? Weatherwax or Level?

That is a tough choice.  I found it rather sad that Miss Level was not highly regarded, with how dedicated she is to helping people.  I think I would personally prefer to be with Miss Level, because her personality seems much easier to work with on a daily basis.  Miss Weatherwax is clearly a great witch, but she can also be a bit sharp.

Any thoughts on how the story might end? Do you think the Hiver is gone for good?

I don't think the hiver is gone for good, but I'm wondering if it's gone for the rest of this book.  I can see this possibly turning into something Tiffany has to deal with later in her life, like the thing Ged summoned in Earthsea. I'm thinking that Annagramma might have a change of heart, after seeing Tiffany in violent action.  Whether that change of heart will cause her to avoid Tiffany forever, or just re-evaluate her beliefs about witchcraft, I don't know. 

Other Thoughts:

I'm again surprised by how quickly this book is moving.  We still have a pretty large number of pages left, and they've already kicked out the hiver.  I have no idea what's going to fill the next pages.  Perhaps a showdown with the local young witches club?  Maybe it will focus on the witch trials and Tiffany will be spectacular?  That seems a bit unnecessary now, though, there's no way Annagramma doesn't know Tiffany's powerful, after the ZaksZak's scene.


  1. Well, if you're getting a cloak you need plenty of pockets. So I'm told.
    I like that you said Tiffany wasn't hiding in her safe place ' she was her safe place '. That's spot on and I never thought about it like that.
    I'm looking forward to what Pratchett will do next.
    Lynn :D

    1. Hmm, okay, so I'll need a cloak with many pockets. I can see that coming in handy, then I wouldn't have to carry a purse (which doesn't really go with a cloak anyway). :)