Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Apex Blog Tour

The Apex Blog Tour!

I am a few days behind in announcing this, but I've joined the blog tour for The Book of Apex Volume 4, of Apex Magazine.  This book contains original fiction published in Apex Magazine during its fourth year.  There are a variety of posts to look forward to from many different bloggers, and you can see the full schedule of this month at Little Red Reviewer's place. There will be short story reviews, guest posts by authors, author interviews, giveaways, and hopefully a lot of fun for everyone involved!

What kind of fiction can you expect from The Book of Apex?  Well, first of all, the magazine publishes science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  In terms of style, the selected short stories are those that are well-crafted, edgy and that evoke strong emotion in the reader.  In the words of the collection's editor, "Beautiful prose, great ideas and interesting worlds are important, but if I do not feel along with the characters, it is not a story for Apex."  The short stories in this volume definitely don't disappoint on that count!  The authors featured contain some whose work I have reviewed on this blog before (Valente, Barzak, Tidhar, Bear), some who I've heard of and have been meaning to read, and others that are entirely new to me!

Over here at Tethyan Books, I'll be putting up a review of some of my favorite short stories of the collection on the 8th, and I will be posting a sphinx-related guest post from the author Thoraiya Dyer (who, in this collection, wrote "The Second Card of the Major Arcana") on the 22nd!

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